V: Freedom's Last Stand

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Email: joeyjolley1975@gmail.com
Type: Science Fiction
Last-Update: 2019Jun04
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


2019 was the year we found out there is life in space. One day giant ships one mile in diameter appeared in the skies around the world. Their alien occupants transmitted a message, saying they come in peace. They revealed themselves to us. Surprisingly they look just like us. They are friendly. They tell us their planet is dying and that they need our help.

In exchange they will share their scientific knowledge with us. We welcome them and come to know them as "The Visitors". Soon they establish a presence on our planet. But with the arrival of the Visitors, strange things begin to happen.

Birds act frightened around them. Our scientists mysteriously disappear. Friends, neighbors, parents, brothers, sisters, and children become hostile. Our society suddenly turns into a police state. A few of us become suspicious of the Visitors. Who are they really? Why are they really here? What do they really want? Are they the friends that they claim to be? Are they here because they really need our help or are they here for some sinister purpose?

Suspicious of the Visitors, a few of us around the world come together to form underground groups to oppose them and those who serve them. Then we learn the truth. The Visitors are not who they claim to be. Their reason for being here is not altruistic, but evil. The Visitors are not like us. They are actually reptilian aliens from another world who have come to rob our planet of its natural resources and harvest humans for food.

Will we allow these reptilian monsters conquer our planet or will we fight? We choose to fight and our underground groups become resistance groups for the cities our characters are based in and we're about to show the Visitors that this planet is ours and we won't be their slaves or their food! But the fight won't be easy! But we have allies in the Fifth Column, a group of Visitors who oppose their leaders' plans for our world.

Based on the 1983 miniseries "V" and the 1984 miniseries "V: The Final Battle", "V: Freedom's Last Stand" is the story of Earth's war against the reptilian aliens from the stars!

Join the fight! Your character can be:

1. Resistance Fighter 2. Visitor Mothership Commander 3. Visitor Officer 4. Visitor Shock Trooper 5. Human Collaborator 6. Journalist 7. Fifth Columnist

To join: email the GM at joeyjolley1975@gmail.com and say what character you want to play. The GM will send you a character sheet.


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