Heroes Rising

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Costs: Free
Email: Galewitch2@gmail.com
Frequency: Every 10 days per character
URL: https://groups.io/g/HeroesRising
Type: Marvel alternate universe
Last-Update: 2019May28
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Welcome to Heroes Rising an alternative universe game that will be set in two different time frames. The first will be 2015 several months after the end of CA:TWS and will tell the stories as the United States attempts to rebuild it's spy apparatus as the avengers work to bring in Winter Soldier and one of their own who has gone Rogue. Once this portion of the story is complete we will take a step jump 4 years into 2019 where HYDRA has now successfully reinvented itself and has become the primary evil on Earth. The avengers as we knew most of them will be gone and the new discovered mutants will be forced to step up to the plate to defend the Earth from HYDRA.

However like any good story there will be a wrinkle. A new enemy will show itself in an attempt to take over the planet and destroy both good and evil. This enemy will be far more advanced they anyone has ever seen. It will turn former enemies into partners and change the Earth as we know it. We will be accepting the following character type's for the game: Avengers(see timeline as to who will not be available), Mutants, Inhumans, Kree and any of those b-list sort of characters that no one ever thinks of but we want


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