Shadows of the High Plains

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Type: Western
Last-Update: 2019May28
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1872 - Wyoming Territory

The western frontier offered a new start to many who needed to put the horrors of civil war in their wake, bringing the hope of breaking new ground and establishing new settlements. Nowhere was this more true than the Wyoming Territory, where mountains reached for the sky and fields promised broad grazing pasture and untried soil for planting. Those arriving thought it idyllic...

The new paradise was anything but for the settlers - there were Native tribes to contend with, some of whom objected to their intrusion, Outlaws who sought to take advantage of travelers and isolated settlers, unscrupulous men who didn't hesitate to seize advantage and set themselves up in power, and above all, plenty of hard work. They didn't call it the Wild West for nothin'...

Do you have what it takes to succeed in a hailstorm of bullets, stampeding cattle, and scheming people? With some brains, plenty of ambition, and fast reflexes, wealth and power could be yours... if you've got the guts and the guns.

Take a chance and see for yourself. The Wyoming Territory is waiting for you.


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