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Frequency: Weekly
URL: http://dreamlandlasvegas.jcink.net/ [ dead link ]
Type: Historical, Mystery, Science Fiction
Last-Update: 2019May28
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, historical, rpg, abstract


Las Vegas. 1957.

The town is booming with lights, show tunes and tourists. Elvis Presley himself has come on occasion to partake in the city's many casino shows. Although, it's not all slot machines and buffet lines.

In the days after a mysterious explosion at Groom Lake and a subsequent city-wide black out, an event the public has deemed "The Incident," people have started going missing in the desert city.

Las Vegas law enforcement has developed a task force to finding these people with no luck; they have however spotted many mysterious individuals as of late, those that just happen to appear and disappear too quickly to get a good description of them.

Suspiciously enough the mystifying organization collectively called The Future War Cult of Tomorrow has amped up their claims of a dark future involving a third World War and has some retreating to the comfort of their propaganda that claims they will be ready.

Still though, for the most part the good people of Las Vegas enjoy life on and off the strip and as always appreciate the sunny side of life.


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