Atlantic U-Boat Campaign WW2

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Costs: Free
Frequency: 10 days
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Last-Update: 2019Feb08
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Battle of the Atlantic - Full War Campaign by Michael Raymond January 20, 2019 I am Admiral Donitz! I am the proud owner of The Hunters, The Hunted, and Steel Wolves; all the best submarine board games. Using some Top Secret Wizardry, I offer to launch a full-blown Battle of the Atlantic Campaign by melding these three games together.

Most of the 'action' at sea will be resolved using the first two named while Steel Wolves will be the Strategic Umbrella containing details about the U-Boat war at Headquarters level. Every Boat that sailed is listed, along with launch dates and recall dates. Players who own only Steel Wolves will use a modified rule for contacts - then process combat using normal rules.

Our game begins in August 1939 for the first players to join. Your U-Boat will be leaving harbor before the war starts, to be in position and ready to begin operations. No changes to the existing rules from The Hunters or The Hunted will be made, except to create new patrol areas farther out into the Atlantic - and beyond.

As new players join us, they will be assigned one of the follow-on Boats that were not yet ready for action - or fresh from the shipyards. Each captain receives his assigned patrol from my HQ and runs his patrol normally, by the rules. His results are reported to HQ and compiled into a Command Total for tonnage and subs lost.

On returning to port, existing rules are used. The captain will determine his time in port, based on his need repairs, and report to HQ his date for the next patrol. New orders will be issued. As the need arises, Flotillas will be relocated or created. Commanding Officers for each Flotilla will come from players, beginning after the first patrols are completed. There are time-limit requirements to complete a patrol and report. Unusually, patrols must take a fixed real-time to complete to avoid faster players racing ahead of others.

Promotions, including Flotilla Command, will be based on results. Returning to port with the most tonnage is only part of the consideration. Damaged Boats are to be avoided. Success at sea includes keeping your crew and U-Boat operational.

Most patrols for U-Boats take a month and thus the war calendar advances by one month. Undamaged Boats will be given new orders to commence after time in refit, as per the normal rules from Hunters or Hunted games. New players will start their careers, when joining later than startup, in whatever game month is current. Each game month there will be 'random events' and Political activity reflecting Donitz' approval rating with Berlin. Players will hear of any that would be made known to the captains in historical circumstances.

I want a minimum of 10 captains to get started. Once begun, a web page will be used to keep players updated and 'send' radio messages from Headquarters. Your results, if warranted, will be posted. I will arbitrarily advance the game month at irregular intervals to keep the war ongoing. Continue your patrol as normal when this happens - since Boats were coming and going from ports at all times.

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