Game of thrones

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Costs: 0
Frequency: weekly
Type: fantasy
Last-Update: 2019Jan20
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, wargame, rpg


This is game of thrones like you've never seen it before! The dragon queen has reclaimed her birthright/her 7 kingdoms. However in the cold cold North beyond the wall no one cares and no thrones are respected by The Others. Queen Daenerys seeks to unite with the Wildlings to defeat this icy enemy. Where her dragons have fire to wield the enemy has ice that threatens to freeze the soul.

Dany began serving the lord of light when she had a vision in the house of the undying instructing her on how to regain her lost love, her son and stars Drogo from the otherside. The lord of light had his own reasons for this, but aren't mortals ever the pawns of gods?

R'hllor, the lord of light, the god of fire has a brother...the god of ice and they war just as do those in the mortal realms of ice and fire.

Khal Drogo restored to the body of a Dothraki cousin with very similar features takes his place at Dany's side to conquer the 7 kingdoms but not all believe he is who he seems. Some believe he is the Khal returned and respect him, claiming to see lands beyond death in his eyes. Others believe alright, but they mistrust and fear whatever walks in the flesh of this Dothraki king. The dragons obey him as much as they do their queen mother, though so many listen and follow.

If not for the war with The Others, Daenerys and Drogo would have put to death many of their enemies but surviving Lannisters, Baratheons, Greyjoys, Freys, ETC front their army instead. Let them die a more productive death or live in service to their rightful rulers.

Danger as well as new opportunities abound.

Your character/characters, canon or original alike could find a place for themselves in any of the following factions or in a league of their own. Any of the noble houses:

Red Priests: Black priests (Others born) Followers of the faceless Dragon caregivers who go to war along with the dragons to supply them with food, healing ETC, Those who remain in King's Landing to hold the throne for Dany andDrogo whilst they are away at war. (These must be trusted for they will surely deal with much intrigue) Wildlings Drogo's followers/hangers on who are awestruck by his return and wish to learn from him. Dothraki loyal to Dany and Drogo Maesters and last but most terrifying, The Others themselves and their white walkers.

This is a pbm game. Many characters are available so don't hesitate to ask. If you like someone who was killed in the series, this game is different and will consider a plot adjustment. Come and join the war.


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