Harry Potter the war is on

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Here begins a new age of wizarding society! Voldemort's daughter is restless and strong. Her mother is not Bellatrix Lestrange as roomer would dictate, but instead Morgan LeFae herself...leaving Delphini perhaps the most powerful witch alive.

The wizarding world of the year 2015 is shaken to its very foundations when a seeming plague has struck leaving 80 percent of wizards without their magic. This leaves too many necessary jobs vacant and the Ministry of Magic has to extend the hand of welcome to anyone who still has magic to work as aurors, other officials and in mundane wizarding jobs around the U.K. Come goblins, elves giant spiders, come all if you want a piece of this new wizarding order.

Some may say the new minister of magic was a little too fast on the draw to open the door to other magical creatures. Almost as if she knew what was going to happen in advance.

If you're a criminal you'd better think twice for Rodolphus and Bellatrix Lestrange have been put in charge of Azkaban. The prison that held them captive for so long within its walls is still their home but now they are in charge. Not allowed their freedom, they are given full rein to torment anyone foolish enough to commit a crime bad enough to end them in Azkaban.

Wizards that should be dead have been spotted on the streets. Salazar Slytherin looking old and gaunt has been spotted in the Hog's Head and doesn't it look a lot like the young version of Grindelwald so often seen in the company of dark wizard Blaise Zabini?

While it seems the wizarding struggles never end, at least the same can be said for the excitement.

Come and join us, Canons and originals alike are welcome. Examples of needed canons: Scorpius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, other Malfoys, Weasleys, other characters that were killed in books 5/7 have been left alive so if you are interested in writing anyone who you fear is dead, no worries. If you didn't like some of the couples set up in the last few books either they are also subject to change if all players involved agree. We are a pbm rpg, and we're very open and flexible to creativity ideas. We ask only that you keep your characters IC, no god moding and do please use spell check.


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