It's Just A Matter Of Time

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Type: Family-Centered Drama
Last-Update: 2019Jan09
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


In "It's Just A Matter Of Time", the Kensingtons are a wealthy family living in Colorado. The patriarch is a wealthy businessman who is the father of seven children, and raising six of them along with the children's governess, whom he married. His wife died years ago. It's said she died of a fatal illness, but one of the kids uncovers evidence that their father and the governess murdered their mother and calls the cops, who arrest the father. He and the governess are put on trial and sent to prison. The oldest daughter, who left home to pursue a singing career and is engaged to be married to an Episcopal priest, returns home for the trial.

The nine kids are taken into the custody of the state and are placed in a home for orphaned children. Not wanting to see her siblings go into foster care, the oldest daughter agrees to take them. She is given custody of her siblings, and the story of a young woman who sacrifices her singing career and her upcoming marriage and becomes the guardian of her six siblings, each of whom have problems of their own, and of a family that must now heal from a terrible tragedy. But the six siblings aren't about to let their sister's singing career fall apart before it begins, and because of her love and kindness, will find a way to revive their sister's singing career and start a family band. The family has a housekeeper living with them.

"It's Just A Matter Of Time" is a role-playing game that tells the story of a young woman and her six younger siblings who come together as a family and start the healing process following a terrible tragedy, and that it's just a matter of time before good things come their way. Join the saga of the Kensington family.

Available Positions:

1. The Patriarch 2. The Governess 3. The Oldest Daughter 4. Sibling #1 5. Sibling #2 6. Sibling #3 7. Sibling #4 8. Sibling #5 9. Sibling #6 10. The Episcopal Priest 11. The Housekeeper 12. Other Character

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