Barrleground America

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Type: Alternate History
Last-Update: 2019Jan04
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But on November 8, 2016, Americans were surprised when a powerful television evangelist won the presidential election when he was considered a long-shot. The television evangelist had conducted a superb campaign. He had formed a third party called "The True America Party" and had run a clever presidential campaign that he called "The Great Crusade". Another surprise is that "The True America Party" also took control of Congress and the state governments of all fifty states and American cities and towns.

The television evangelist was sworn in on January 20, 2017 and had the support of the American people, who regarded him as a new and fresh personality and just what America needed. He was a kind, compassionate, and charismatic man who brought his skills as a television evangelist and the leader of a megachurch to the White House.

But what Americans didn't know is that this new president is actually a wolf in sheep's clothing who will abolish the Constitution, do away with the Separation of Church and State, outlaw other faiths, and become a firebrand dictator.

Not all Americans support the new president. A small group of resistance fighters, suspicious of the president, has come together to fight the theocratic dictatorship. But their fight won't be an easy one. The American people support the dictator and his regime called "The Church". The Church's Secret Police are everywhere and collaborators lurk around every corner and the Church has allies.

But the resistance fighters, who make up "The Resistance", won't give up. They are determined to fight for freedom.....and revive a dream called "America"! They are aided by allies who fight alongside them and by a covert group within the ranks of The Church consisting of those who don't believe in what the dictator and the Church are doing. They are called "The fifth Column"

Join the fight for freedom! Here are the available positions:

1. Resistance Fighter 2. The Dictator 3. Church Character 4. Church Collaborator 5. Ally of the Church 6. Ally of "The Resistance" 7. Fifth Columnist

To join: contact the GM at


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