Eagle NX12

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Email: stephen@eaglenx.com
Frequency: JPs 72 hours, Posts 14 Days
URL: http://eaglenx.com [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek, Alternate Universe
Last-Update: 2018Apr19
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The Eagle NX12 is an NX Type Refit in the year 2160 when Earth and Vulcan have parted ways and the United Federation of Planets has never come to be. Take part in exploring a universe different from the norm and help develop our canon.

The Eagle is an 18+ play by nova simulation and is currently recruiting the following Senior Staff positions:

Operations Officer - The Operations Department is responsible for all Helm, Navigation, Computer Operations, and Auxiliary operations aboard the ship. Auxiliary Operations include but are not limited to operation and maintenance of the grappler systems, shuttle pods, and shuttle pod docking systems. The Operations Department is also responsible for all non-engineering maintenance of the ship.

Science Officer - The Science Department is responsible for Stellar Cartography, Database Research/Additions, Historical/Archival Operations, and diplomatic protocol. The Science Department also assists in maintenance of the ship's sensors and probes.

Support Officer - The Support Department is responsible for the administrative and logistical operations of the ship. They are responsible for coordinating operations with those needs across the departments of the ship. The Support Department is also responsible for Crew Morale, Steward Services to the Captain and Wardroom, and mess services for the entire crew.

Many other non-Department Head positions exist that are unique to our sim and era. For more information check out our website:



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