Caribbean Dawn

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Type: historical, colonial, West Indies, Age of Sail, swashbuckling adventures
Last-Update: 2017Dec29
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, historical, rpg


It's the second half of the year 1720 in the West Indies. After a one year direct war preceded by less open acts of aggression during the War of Quadruple Alliance, there is finally peace between Spain, England, France and Netherlands. The colonial plantations and the related trade are blooming, with other crafts following the trend... but for how long? For most rich people, who had invested an important part of their assets in the French Compagnie des Indes or in its English counterpart, the bubbles can mean losing more than they can afford.

Given that all the colonial powers got allied against the common enemy - pirates, who were looting indiscriminately, the wisest pirates knew when to retire and to become plantation owners, smugglers or merchants. So, the privateers remain in the business only for hunting pirates, making their trade more difficult to survive, and the Navies still have what to do.On the sea, ships are fighting storms and other ships. On the islands, life goes on; people work, pray, drink, brawl, party, fall in love or break up. In a world where nobody is what they seem to be, people have their own secrets: spying, smuggling, mercenary contracts, disguises and lies, shady deals, and rivalries.

What happens next? Who will be fighting whom, who will lose how much and how? Whose lovers will weep, and whose will party, covered in expensive gifts? Who will raise from the ashes of the war into a blooming colonial life?

- Historical site, real life, no magic/ supernatural elements, no statistics/ dice - Extensive documentation for helping with research provided on site (to be read only when needed in a thread). - Rating 2-2-2. Any subject is allowed, but not all degrees of details in describing said subject. Glossing over encouraged. - Welcoming and friendly atmosphere! We love to see new faces and enjoy creating stories with new members! - Non-native English speakers encouraged to join. Members are free to write as much as they are comfortable. (With a minimum word count of 3 phrases). - Photos of any kind of celebrities of all times can be used as face claims, with no current age rule. - Diversity of national and religious heritage encouraged (with the proper explanation, for certain rare ethnicities, how they got to the West Indies realistically). Gay characters allowed, as long as they aren't openly parading their relationship (in a time when sodomy was a hanging offence). - Leadership and other promotions available to be earned in the story, by active characters. - Average classical bio, in order to know better the characters you are bringing and to integrate them easier in the story. - Adventures, romance, intrigues and anything else you want to explore in a colonial or seafaring environment, in a main plot and lots of side plots upon your initiative. Get immersed in the colonial 18-th century and write with us an epic saga of the Caribbean Dawn!


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