Drachen Saga

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Costs: None/Free
Frequency: Once per week.
Email: feddeck@hotmail.com
URL: http://www.drachensaga.com [ dead link ]
Type: Dungeons & Dragons
Last-Update: 2017Nov14
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Seeking fame and fortune you have left your homeland in the south and journeyed north to the frontier land known as "The Northernlands". Finding passage among one of the dwarven caravans that travels to the city of Northgate in the region you have heard your fill of strange and wondrous tales during the long journey across the great stone roadway leading to the city.

Of course most of those tales involved the innovative and superior workmanship of the dwarves who build the road, along with tales of goblins and orcs that infest the surrounding woods, ruins of a long lost castle once ruled by a warrior-prince, and of course stories of the great dragon Dracus and how it was the dwarves who defeated him and cast his bones in the biggest lake of the Rune Mountains at the top of the world.

"This is where you all get off!" barks the caravan master at dawn of the third day of travel, signaling to a large three story building set to the side of the road next to an expansive forest. Built out of cut stone and matching red bricks, along with a curious mixture or glass and stained windows, winding chimneys and a stable around back, the smell of burning cherry wood and roasted meat fills the air...

This is the start of your adventuring career, prepare for glory...


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