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Costs: 0
Frequency: x1 or 2 a week, give or take
Type: Ad&d, fantasy
Last-Update: 2017Oct30
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, mixed, fantasy, rpg


Azgarn is a world froth with high adventure and warring entities that are quite talented in weaving elaborate plots to achieve their ambitious goals.

You start in the ancient city-state of Lor, named after the enigmatic greater deity Lor (also the deity of light, knowledge, wisdom, love, and power).

You return to a monastery on the outskirts of Lor, under a promise you made to reunite with your brother and sister orphans you grew up with. A mysterious benefactor had sponsored your private training in whatever path you choose whether mage, priest, assassin, thief, fighter, ranger, or knight it mattered little.

Once you make it to the outer gardens of the monastery you noticed dark shapes in the distance, black clad guardsmen were there in number. Heavy infantry escorting orphans into caged wagons. One of these tykes escapes, kicks a guard in the knee with sufficient strength to bring him low, and runs off only to be shot in the back with a crossbow bolt. These soldiers neither laugh nor cry, it seems as if they were entirely divorced from emotion.

Jor, your monk mentor and protector who taught you discipline, courage, and the body weaponry of the eastern realms must be inside.

Just then, a whispering wind blew through you. The wind pierces your flesh and a voice spoke: 'Go within, there are seven children each with a birthmark, protect them and bring them to the Black Forest kingdom, quickly'

Looking for a party with the following: 2-3 fighters, 1 rogue, a cleric, 1 mage.


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