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Costs: 0
Frequency: 1-3 turns/week
Type: Ad&d, fantasy
Last-Update: 2022Feb03
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, mixed, fantasy, rpg


A supposedly evil being of immense power and wealth has turned on the organization that he has worked for, and now wants to dismantle it, destroy its members and wipe them from the face of the north. The organization is comprised of the most prominent and powerful rulers of the north. A cadre of evil kings, queens and emperors who play deadly games against each other, and the land that they preside over. Games of political power grabs, land disputes, seduction, blackmail and assassination.

Your benefactor is a repentant dhampir far wealthier and more powerful than any of those who seek to destroy him. He has decided to enlist your aid and equip you with wealth and clothe you with power that supersedes even your craziest dreams.=C2=A0 However you are obliged under contract, and a possible geas for those who think to break out of said contract to do his bidding for which you are presently paid for.

A shadowy being has emerged to bring harm to the northern territories, an evil priest named Lomag who venerates dark powers. Who he works for is more intriguing and he will stop at nothing to prevent your mysterious benefactor from succeeding in his madness.


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