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Costs: $0
Frequency: Flexible Schedule
Email: evereras.rpg@gmail.com
URL: http://evereras.proboards.com/ [ dead link ]
Type: High Medieval Fantasy Text-Based Story-Driven RPG
Last-Update: 2017Sep11
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, wargame, rpg, abstract


Evereras is a play-by-post, threads-as-locations (instead of closed storylines) text-based role playing game with a collaborative and on-going narrative vibe. Characters move about the world by moving from thread to thread, leaving a narrative breadcrumb trail of their interesting journeys and interactions. You can create a Quests page for your main narrative, to attract new players. You can contribute to the game's canon lore.

Your characters can venture between 3 different realities or "vales": Evereras, or the Vale of Eras, the mortal vale of time. Amaranth, or the Vale of Ever, the fading halcyon vale. Or, finally, Oblivion's hellscape otherwise known as the Nethervale. (Map TBD)

"Long ago, it was forgotten that Ever and Eras were separate worlds, with the very existence of the former falling to myth and legend. The ancient peoples of this earthly vale began to call their world Evereras, and soon forgot the truth of the two-vales. Ever became a mythicized otherworld, a place where faeries roam.

Evereras today is a world divided by religion, politics and racial tensions. The greatest of these feuds remains with the Shield and Morrowsan, with the two continents having been at war for over a decade. Smaller, petty wars have come and gone and will come and go again - but the ancient, blood feud between the northwest and the equatorial lands remains constant."

Age Rating: PG-13

Notes: I'm not just looking for players, if you're interested in being a mod as well please let me know!


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