Triad Weyrs

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Want to play in the Dragonriders of Pern setting? Ever dreamed of writing about characters who Impress dragons to fight Thread, or Harpers who travel recounting stories and learning news? Want to be a bandit scheming to become legitimate by working for a corrupt Lord Holder, or write a sea pirate? All of that's a possibility at Triad!

The Club: Triad Weyrs has been around for 15 years and counting. It's medium in activity, with enough posts a month to keep you reading and not so large you can't finish your inbox. We've had months with more than 50 stories sent to the list! It's full of creative, friendly members who are up for writing posts and getting involved in plots.

The Canon: Triad's world is an alternate Tenth Pass where Thread unexpectedly returned. The Southern Continent believes a woman's place is in the home, and women can't craft anywhere other than the Weyrs. There are 5 dragon colors and Impression is traditional, with women on green and gold only. Don't let that scare you off, though, there's plenty of space to work within (or against) the system!

The Plots: Triad Weyrs has had many plots over its history. There have been Holds and Weyrs destroyed by accidents of nature or by sabotage. There have been devastating Threadfall accidents. There are Holds with social infighting, where there is contention as its time to choose an Heir. There's been rebellion against the assigned roles for women. Most recently, there's been a Weyr destroyed by natural disaster, forcing a massive change in the flight territory of the remaining Southern Weyrs and displacing a number of residents.

In the middle of the grand plots, there's also the smaller moments that remind one of what it is to be human and to live. Characters will fall in love, they'll have children, they'll fight with their friends, they'll work at jobs they love (or hate), they'll fight Thread and risk their lives. Triad has a lot of clubwide plots, but we cherish the small stories that make us fall in love with characters just as much.

If Triad sounds like a place you'd like to visit, drop by our website at Triad Weyrs , join the mailing lists, drop into the forums ( , and we'll be happy to get you involved.

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