Chronicles of Aether

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Costs: n/a
Frequency: 2x Per Week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy Historical
Last-Update: 2017Jun07
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, historical, rpg


Chronicles of Aether is a play-by-post RPG hosted on yahoo groups. It has a very light smattering of commonly found fantasy elements (soul names, elves, god-inspiried mating rituals, but that's about it)and a heavy helping of medieval intrigue, fantasy magic and heroics as well as romantic/political drama. Plots are overseen by the moderator but players are encouraged to create plots for themselves as well.

Players may pick between one of the six races of "elves" in play: Aetherian's (European), Araneae (Spider Dark Elves), Keise (Genderless Shadow Dwellers), Nazcans (Indigenous Tribe), Phairan's (Persian-esque), Ryuko (Asian themed) and Wysterian (Pre-Industrial Era Humans).

What this is: A smooth flowing story in an RPG that has run for over 6 years and never been under 600 posts a month. It is highly interactive, full of friendly people more than willing to help out new players or scheme evil plots with long term RPers. It is a place with multi cultural themes and politics, might and magic as well as interpersonal drama.

What this isn't: A free form chaotic board where you are left to your own devices in a corner and the moderator asks you to pick up the slack. It is not the RPG where if you weren't there since the beginning you cannot hope to fit in, or hell even get a word in edge wise as the players continue on their personal plots and ignore you. It is not science fiction; technology inclusion is loose and controlled via the few races that use it. We also do not allow for sexually explicit authoring. This is a safe-zone for everyone of all different comfort-zones.

Note: We do not allow lurkers for more than 1 month. If you haven't figured out if you like a group in that time I don't think you ever will.^_^


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