X-COM: 1999

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Costs: Free
Email: frontieradventuretales@gmail.com
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Type: Modern, Science Fiction, Espionage
Last-Update: 2017Mar18
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, modern, wargame, rpg


A UFO Invasion game of Strategy and Roleplay

UFO: Enemy Unknown(X-COM: UFO Defense in North America) was the first X-COM (Extraterrestrial Combat Unit) science fiction strategy game to come out in 1994. The game depicted the struggles of an elite international paramilitary organization tasked with countering an alien invasion of Earth. As a commander, you took control of tactical response units, interceptor fighter jets, scientific research, and manufacturing. The game was filled with hours of fun where you were building, fighting, and planning how to defeat a merciless group of aliens. It would spawn a host of sequels which steadily got worse, and plenty of imitators before finally returning to us in glorious rebooted.

Before the reboot though if you were like me you had tons of ideas about things that should be added and while many people came up with some great mods your experience was still limited. After all, while games have steadily improved many of us still enjoy PBEM and table top games to give that little bit extra. As a veteran strategy game and roleplayer I had ideas like:

1. If you capture an alien craft why do you need to rip it apart only to use the parts to build another ship? 2. What are the member nations up to? Can't they offer help besides money? 3. You can mind control mutants, but I can't keep them? 4. Why do I blow up an alien base and lose the cloning technology and alien computers? 5. Why can't I have a bigger variety of weapons and equipment? 6. Why do I have to do it all alone? 7. Who are these operatives and how do I get more? What about recruiting scientists and engineers for special missions? 8. What is going on with the alien human hybrids and their part in the infiltration? 9. Why isn't there more mission variety? 10. Why can't there be more roleplay and personality in this great game?

The list goes on, and while there have been some improvements any computer game is limited. Now you can step into the role of commander of one of the many secret outposts being set up around the globe. You have to expand your base, recruit forces, and start research and engineering programs. You'll be running a variety of programs, but unlike the classic game, you will have more options.

You'll begin the game with the rank of commander, a basic base, and a small group of soldiers and support staff. Don't want to take command of the base? Become a department head, run espionage or combat operations, fly jets or experimental alien craft. Are you one of the shadowy agents selling equipment on the black market or an operative searching for alien facilities and tracking down infiltrators? If you've got a good idea run it by me and we'll work something out.

This game will be about good writing, creative ideas, and mechanics to help decide actions. Namely strategy roleplay game in a world we all enjoy and only wish to expand. Please email me with any questions and we can get started. If you have a concept in mind already fill out the bio sheet below. More you put into it more you get out of it. Add as much of the X-com lore in as you can, but don't go crazy. No super human characters wanted. This is about having a good time playing together.


Full Name: Place of Birth: Age: Height: Weight: Hair: Eyes: Build: Distinguishing Features: Occupation: Educational Experience: Employment Experience: Law Enforcement Experience: Military Experience: Accomplishments: Family: Marital Status/Significant Other: Hobbies: Skills: Weapons: Personal History:


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