The Pod People Took Over the Post Office

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Type: Modern, Science Fiction, Mystery, Horror
Last-Update: 2017Mar18
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From the case files of the Anyburg Amateur Detective Society

It started not long after Mr. Xavier arrived in town and almost overnight he had a beautiful and thriving garden on the 4-acre plot on the edge of town. So it only seemed natural that the Garden club, one of the many social organizations that thrive in the town to invite Mr. Xavier to become a member. The reserved but polite mysterious new resident willingly joined and became very active. He helped all members, donated generously to the club and other organizations, and seemed to want to know all about the town. Despite being wealthy from investments he took a part-time job at the post office assisting with deliveries and other incidentals. He easily cleared the background check and was liked by his coworkers. Then the boxes began to arrive....

Simple wooden crates labeled agriculture all addressed to Mr. X as his co-workers began calling him. He said it was all for his garden and saved the carrier on his route the effort and took them home each evening. Soon many people could see the lovely flowering bushes all over his property including his greenhouse. Members of the Garden Club politely requested that he share these bushes with them and he responded by ordering more and gifting them to each member of the garden club. Including other interested parties, some 63 households had these fast growing plants inside and outside. While these flowery bushes only seem to bring joy to people, but strange events were afoot.

The meteorological society has reported strange lights in the sky, not near the airport. Employees at the post office act robotic for a few days and then are sociable and back to their old selves. The garden club is meeting more often than ever, and members seem to be buying all kinds of goods and at some houses, there are delivery trucks are arriving daily. People swear that there are things running around the woods at night, and they're seeing two of some residence. Property has been damaged, pets have gone missing, and there is tension in an otherwise prosperous happy town.

You are one of the few people in town that knows there is a threat, and while you don't know exactly what is going on you feel the need to investigate. You can't do it alone, though.

You're most likely a member of the Anyburg Amateur Detective Society a group dedicated to the study of mysteries both real world and fictional. You've had Sherlock Holmes's Birthday party, formed a community watch group, and had any number of activities ranging from visits to the police department to book group. Everyone has some kind of interest criminal investigation, and the society has a number of get-togethers every month. There is one general meeting at the start of the month almost all members attend. You meet on the third floor of the town library a short walk from the center of downtown where shops and restaurants can be found, and just across the street is the community college.

Anyburg is a genetic American town somewhere in the Midwest on an alternative earth in the early 2000's. It has a busy downtown with a small hospital, airport, and community college as mentioned above. Built around a collection of small companies most people who live in the town work there, and there is a real sense of community. As noted lately things seem off, and at the general meeting, the group takes a vote to look into the case discretely. Can you uncover this strange plot and survive?'

So please create a character using the biographical file below, and please ask questions. I often like to assign items and resources based on what people write, so be creative. All I ask is for people to be within reason when it comes to their characters. No ex-special forces people running a lawn care business, no leading forensic investigator writing his book and living in a small rental apartment. No super model with an advanced degree and a pilot's license. No god-like characters are all I'm asking, but that leaves plenty of room for interesting characters and adventures. So, by all means, be a doctor, lawyer, or greeter at S-Mart just don't be a superhero.

This is adults only game, so have fun, and I'm sure there will be plenty going on between characters and long as it fits the story I have no problem what your orientation is long as you find someone who wants to write with you. If you wish to play a member of the garden club or an alien please message me to discuss it. I was going to prohibit those choices, but if someone can make a good argument for plaything them. Also despite the title, there are many secrets left to be revealed.

I'm perfectly willing to listen to ideas that will add to the town or even the plot. So who is up for a strange science fiction horror detective story?

BIOGRAPHICAL FILE Full Name: Place of Birth: Age: Height: Weight: Hair: Eyes: Build: Distinguishing Features: Occupation: Educational Experience: Occupation Experience: Law Enforcement Experience: Military Experience: Accomplishments: Family: Marital Status/Significant Other: Hobbies: Skills: Weapons: Personal History:


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