IRW Rovaran

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Three Times A Month
Type: Romulan Sim, Star Trek Sim,Pegasus Fleet, Rovaran, Romulans, Star Trek
Last-Update: 2017Jan17
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek


Jolan'tru citizen! Nearly six years have past since the Hobus Supernova nearly decimated both Romulus and Remus, leaving the Romulan Star Empire near collapse. Under the guidance of Praetor Chulan the Empire continues to rebuild and now must answer those who threaten it. For this very occasion the Galae commissioned the IRW Rovaran, a mogai class, heavy escort warbird set to be the face of the Empire throughout the Beta Quadrant.

Under the command of erie'Riov Korak tr'Seroht, the Rovaran will defend the citizens of the Romulan Star Empire, explore the reaches of the Beta Quadrant which have yet been seen, and ensure that the everyone knows the true power of the Rihannsu. For those who dare question it will be left in the fiery ruins of their own destruction. We are the Rovaran.

That is but a brief taste of what is available aboard the Rovaran, a sim that was created as a place to offer a fun and character driven environment for all players. We want to bring a true sense of exploration and challenge to our players within a unique environment not often seen within Star Trek sims. And, we encourage anyone who wishes to explore these things while contributing to our success and personally growing as a player and character to join us. From dangerous threats not seen since the voyages of the original Enterprise, to battling crises on a humanitarian front for the Empire, to political intrigue and exploration our sim will offer something for everyone. Visit us at and join us today!

Sub Commander (XO): Mr. Spock, William Riker, Chakotay... all of these officers share one thing in common, they were great First Officers aboard their vessels in the Trek Universe. They provided counsel to the Captain during times of conflict, moral to the crew in times of uncertainty, and set an example that all looked up to. It is more than a position of trust and respect, the best Sub Commander is a driving force that without a Commander and his ship can find itself lost. If you are ready to show the world just how amazing a Romulan XO can be, the leadership skills and desire then we want you!

Warbird Control: Tasked with the incredible job of not only keeping the ship running but fixing things at a moment's notice, those looking to join the Warbird Control team need a sound mechanical mind and the ability to think outside the box. On top of repairs and maintenance there is always the chance to explore new alien technology and getting the chance to upgrade the Rovaran's systems or most likely just deal with them. Roles from Department Heads (Warbird Control, Singularity Control, R&D, and Cloaking Control) to Specialists are currently open.

Medical & Sciences: While the importance of doctors and scientists aboard any warbird has been questioned at times, aboard the Rovaran it is the exact opposite as we serve as a flagship of the Galae. Our medical teams are always on the ready to provide care in a medical emergency, humanitarian relief if needed as well as playing a role in keeping the citizens of the Romulan Star Empire and others in need healthy and safe as well. On the other end whether it's daily work like sensor readings or unique events like trying to figuring out a way to enter that strange spacial anomaly, the science team is responsible for recording data, testing new ideas out, and making discoveries and that's just on a daily basis. Roles from Department Heads to Specialists are currently open.

Warfare: From those with brilliant tactical minds who man the Weapons Control department aboard the power Mogai class warbird known as the Rovaran, to the Reman soldiers who protect the ship and it's crew aboard or away the Warfare team is critical to the defense of the Empire and the Rovaran Crew. If you have a brilliant tactical mind for space combat or a military tactics on the ground and in security we have a spot for you!

The Rovaran is rated 18+.


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