Neire- Rise of Empire

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Costs: Free
Frequency: On average, once per week.
Type: PBEM Strategy RPG- Fantasy Historical
Last-Update: 2016Dec13
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, historical, wargame, rpg


"Neire- Rise of Empires" is the second game referencing the fantasy island of Neire. The year is 265 B.C., and in a matter of months, the Roman Republic will be at war with the Carthaginian Empire. Both sides can feel war becoming an inevitability, and have authorized expeditions to Neire to colonize this resource wealthy island for their respective sides.

Players will be divided between the Republic of Rome and the Empire of Carthage. Each player will be assigned a role, be it as a governor, a military leader, or a senior military official. Each player will manage their own wealth, as well as utilize the resources given to them to maneuver their team towards victory.

This game is for 6 players. Please contact the GM to apply, and for further information.


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