USS Eclipse

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Costs: None
Frequency: Every 2 Weeks
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek Sim
Last-Update: 2016Nov07
Keywords: human, startrek, free, open-ended, www


Welcome this is Commodore Chris Barks I am the Commanding Officer of the Galaxy Class starship USS Eclipse a Galaxy Class in the Obsidian Fleet. We received for the month of November 2012 we earned Bronze medal for the Task Group Alpha. We also took the Silver for the Task Force, not to mention we took the gold for the fleet. We earned a silver Unit of Merit for April 2014. Also the USS Eclipse is the Task Group Flagship and Commodore Chris Barks is the Task Group Commanding Officer.

The Eclipse is currently looking for talented players to fill the following department head positions:

Chief Diplomatic Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Engineering Officer

Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Chief Science Officer

Chief Intell Officer

Also most Assistant Chief Positions are open as well as other supporting positions.

We have a wide variety of players. I am looking for dedicated simmers on the ship. If you request an enlisted rank you can submit a Bio and send me an email and request the enlisted rank you want.

Current Mission: We are on shore leave recouping from the previous mission.

Please look around if you have any questions please contact me.

Commodore Chris Barks


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