USS Viper needs operatives

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Type: star trek, intelligence with an agents of shield feel
Last-Update: 2016Nov06
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Description --

In the midst of the Klingons and Romulans pushing at each other to start a war. There are a group of people who serve on a Defiant Class ship, the USS Viper. Their duty to the Federation and Starfleet is undercover intelligence work, posing as a sub-space relay maintenance team.

In reality they are a handpicked team from various walks of life, some are doctors, some engineers and some security. They all have one thing in common, they operate utilizing their individual expertise by bringing those skills to the team as a bigger part of an intelligence investigate team.

Their current mission involves a seemingly never ending goal to find the motivations and leadership of a group known as the Sojourners. This group seems to strike often and hard. This evil group has taken their toll on the Viper crew. Some of the Vipers have lost loved ones, their own lives and others have lost their memories.

Along the way, their ship, the USS Viper (for which the team is named) has been torn asunder and is currently docked at Utopia Planetia for repairs. The team is assigned to Starbase 527, a new station aligned along the Federation, Romulan and Klingon border to help keep the peace and enable diplomatic parley. Known as Crossroads station, the placer is a hotbed of espionage and deceit. During all of this chaos, the first officer has been sent to obtain a temporary ship for use.

The first officer and a small handful of crew, are now on their way back towards Crossroads Station with a handful of seasoned crew and a few that have chosen to join them. To make matters worse their computer system is stuck in a repeat cycle of the Omega Protocol. The team has elected to divert in order to maintain their cover and check the nearest sub-space relay because traffic has been diverted around it to keep their cover. The team has encountered the Omega Protocol in the past, they know that it often precedes Sojourner Presence.

So only one question remains:

Do you have what it takes to handle being part of the publicly disavowed outcasts of Starfleet's finest.

We are recruiting from the rank and file: From the spit shined traditional Starfleet Officer to the broken/outcast officer who has earned a reputation working outside the standardized Federation box. All that is required is a desire to serve the Federation in all ways faithfully in order to further her causes in the galaxy. You are needed.

In particular specialized operatives needed are those with these skills.

Science, Operations, Medical, Security, Engineering and even Intelligence. Although, you will all be intelligence operatives when you sign up your skills will be put to good use.

To join... visit us at

please note: that this sim has an agents of shield feel too it, even though it is a star trek sim. There are no superheroes in this sim, it is a collaborative action/reaction sort of driven focus.


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