USS Tomcat NCC 62114 RPG Nova Sim

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Slow to Casual
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Science Fiction
Last-Update: 2016Oct24
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


The USS Tomcat NCC 62114 is a modified Akira class Cruiser with three Squadrons of 12 Valkeryie (Kaneda) fighters, One Fleet, one Marine and one Klingon. The sim is Nova based and it is a slow, to Casual one where adventure can be had. The sim has Starfleet Marines as part of it and while I as the Sim Commander accepts strange characters, I like other sims do not allow for Uber characters, I allow genetically modified characters or unique ones but no supertypes.

The sim works mainly out in unclaimed space past the Mira Sector of Federation Space, the map used for the sim puts the closest neighbours as being Xindi and Talarian's. The Sim has a Stardock Starbase that is the sims port of call, it is NPC run and currently being completed. So if you are interested in taking a trip into the unknown and you do not mind a Slow to Casual simulation then the USS Tomcat may just be for you. So please take a look at the site if you wish and join if you want.

Pegasus Fleet has at least two non-Star Trek sims on its books and is located here:

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