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Friends shouldn't send friends to Hell. Hopefully, most of you don't need to be reminded of this on a daily basis, but [Character Name] ends his stay in the Nightmare planes, a hellish place and claws his way back to the surface to drive this point home to his former "friends" that killed his wife and had a horror pull [Character Name] to his place of exit. Upon return all of the color had been stripped from [Character Name] body, his hair turned bleached white, skin became pale white and eye turning a deep shade of red pupils, standing 5' 6" and weighing in at 165, an avid smoker and drinker. [Character Name] is a self-taught occultist, who bases his technique on his studies and experiments rather than strictly on the lore, and he always keeps an open mind.

This seasoned Private investigator has seen a lot of things in his career, and not all of them have rational explanations. When he gets wind of a story, though, he pounds the pavement in his all leather black combat boots, black fedora and a black Double Breasted Overcoat to find out what's going on. And when the situation requires it, he doesn't mind getting hands-on as well.

When it comes to battling evil occult influences, supernatural or just your plain old fashion norms, size doesn't matter. At least, it doesn't matter if you have a formidable amount of magical power and a good size flask of Irish whiskey to sip from. [Character Name] is listed in the phone book if you need him, listed under "Investigator." focusing his deductive powers on stranger cases than the dude from Baker Street, specializes in finding lost items and investigating the paranormal. He doesn't do parties, but he does a lot of consulting with the Special Investigations department of the local police, which is a catchall for any of the strange and irrational cases that might come up. Just because he's called in to investigate the supernatural, that doesn't mean he isn't able to tell when there's a human culprit to blame.

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