NCC-1764 USS Defiant

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Costs: None
Frequency: at least one per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek, scifi
Last-Update: 2016Sep14
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, wargame, rpg, abstract


The USS Defiant, the newest entry in the Independent Fleet Operations - AU Fleet, is looking for new officers!

We're still looking to fill our department heads, so there are plenty of positions open to join! Previous experience isn't important. We're open to all!

If you're active, play by the rules, and are looking to have fun, then come join us! We'd love to have you.

I'm looking to make the Defiant very open and flexible for the players. Sure, we have an overarching plot. But that doesn't mean other characters can't have moments to shine. Have a concept for a subplot or minor arc? Let me know and we'll find a way to make it happen! I don't just want people to log on as a requirement. I want everyone to WANT to be here. Having a player driven story is key to that.

With our simulation set in 2263, the USS Defiant is set roughly around the time of Star Trek Beyond, letting our ship and our characters explore the macro and micro scale effects of the films' events. Whether its the political changes on the Federation council caused by a diminished Vulcan presence or the feelings of loss for those who knew people killed over Vulcan or in the Vengeance incident of 2259, the Defiant sim aims to explore what it feels like to live in the world set around the new film series.

The Federation is in the process of remodeling itself. After the shocking loss of Vulcan and the defensive militarism caused by Nero's attack, the UFP is trying to follow its better angels and reject those like Admiral Marcus and the now "officially" outlawed Section 31. Starfleet has made a renewed effort to put exploration and diplomatic outreach as its primary goals and has christened several new ships under that banner. Settling into an uneasy calm with its Romulan and Klingon neighbors, the Federation is looking to find new frontiers.

The USS Defiant, the second Constitution Class vessel to be incorporated into the Obsidian Fleet, has been purpose built to explore the stars. Though filled with many of the technological advantages of the USS Vengeance, the Defiant puts science and exploration first, boasting impressive databases, laboratories, and sensor facilities. The Constitution class's versatility helps it fit most classes of mission and the Defiant has been outfitted for a lengthy trip away from the rest of the Federation. Its a good thing too. The Defiant's mission is set to take her far outside of the support network and she's going to face some significant threats.

Officially, the USS Defiant is assigned to explore the mysterious Volan Expanse, a largely untouched region which rests beyond the Federation-Klingon border region. The only significant Federation support is the new Starbase Arcadia. Similar in design to Starbase Yorktown, but smaller and nowhere near complete, the Starbase's efforts will mostly be focused on construction, and will be able to lend little aid to the Defiant other than resupplying and shore leave.

The region has long been marred by eerie mythologies, but now Starfleet has a reason to listen to these stories. The USS Shelley NX-33, an old NX-Refit vessel, disappeared in the region over a century ago. Starfleet had long presumed the vessel destroyed...until now. A few days ago, the fledgling Starbase Arcadia detected a brand new live transmission from the Shelley. One that sent shivers down the spines of even the stiffest Admirals. It is unclear who or what sent the message. Nor is it clear what the source's intentions are. However, the intention was clear. It was a threat.

While exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new life and new civilizations, the crew of the Defiant will deal with the ominous mythologies of the region, while unraveling the mystery of the USS Shelley.

Join us as we Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before...and come back alive.

Check out our ship at and sign up for whatever peaks your interest. Feel free to message me through the site if you'd like too!

TL:DR; We're a TOS/AU era sim with a focus on player driven story and quite a bit of quasi-horror genre bending. We're aiming for an overall TOS mood with DS9 level political intrigue. Come check us out!

Lieutenant Commander Christopher James Commanding Officer, USS Defiant


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