USS Endeavour Obsidian Fleet TF-72

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Frequency: Every Other Week
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Type: Space Opera, Character Driven, Story Focused, Collaborative
Last-Update: 2016Aug20
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg, abstract


USS Endeavour: New Crew for a New Season

Fortress Federation. The Unconquered Federation of Planets. Impregnable. Underestimated. The United Federation of Planets has the distinct privilege of surviving numerous conflicts and wars without loss of integral territory or sovereignty over the course of its existence. While victory has not always been certain, articles of surrender have never been imposed upon the United Federation of Planets. Yet every threat faced by the Federation has come from without. Rebellion. Coup. Insurgency. Revolt. These aren't concepts familiar to the shining city on the hill. For the people of the Federation, scarcity is an antiquated concept, suffering a problem indicative of non-membership. None of the traditional hallmarks of an internal struggle appear anywhere within Federation space, but something is there. Brooding. Gestating. Plotting.

The USS Endeavour needs new crew to face this old enemy ready to enact its revenge on the Federation. The Endeavour is a play-by-web simulation that focuses on character-driven narratives and open storytelling that lets all players contribute to the arc of the adventure. Rather than keep the story a secret or wander aimlessly through an episodic plot, the Endeavour mimics the structure of a modern television program with serialized story telling focused on specific themes and objectives. Players fill the role of writers and produces rather than an audience learning of events only as they unfold. Extra characters are encouraged as well as suggestions and contributions to the overall arc of the season. The crew of the Endeavour is populated by a diverse cast of characters both seasoned officers and green enlisted personnel. Come see for yourself at and read through our latest postings!

The Endeavour is a Nebula-Class Starship geared for border patrol and security operations.

Current Positions Needed:

Chief Operations Officer

Operations is in charge of a diverse collection of tasks, mostly technical related but (for historical reasons) also including quartermaster duties and supply. The Chief of Operations oversees power distribution, intraship logistics, and often assists science and engineering personnel with diagnostic and analytical tasks.

Chief Counselor

On a ship as large as the Endeavour a full-time counselor is required to ensure the health and safety of her crew. Often assigned combat postings, the Endeavour's crew often faces the stress of combat in between long periods of isolation from the rest of the fleet.

Helpful Positions:

Engineering Officers and Enlisted Personnel

Security Officers and Enlisted Personnel


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