USS Centaurus

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Every Two Days
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Type: Star Trek
Last-Update: 2016Jul10
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The USS Centaurus is a recently refitted Galaxy Class Starship who just recently departed space dock for it's first mission. The Centaurus is led by both an experienced Commanding Officer and Executive officer who know fully how to ensure that the ship and crew are both taken care of both in respect and progression through the story taking into account the crews suggestions and opinions to help shape the future plots of the ship.

We are in need of a few senior officers to help fill out the ship to reach the potential we all hope to see in the near future, but that has not stopped us from already diving into a great first mission as well as plenty of opportunities for character progression both socially and professionally. We are also looking to fill out all our departments with both assistant positions as well as specialists in all departments as we are a long range vessel we would like to build a versatile crew able to handle any situation thrown at the Centaurus. If you would be interested in joining this great new crew addition to Obsidian Fleet feel free to contact us today in order to get you on board as soon as possible

Open Positions

Chief Helmsman/Flight Control Chief Strategic Officer Assistant Chiefs in all departments Marine Detachment XO Starfleet fighter wing pilots/leaders Civilian Roles


Commander Andrew Thomas Commanding Officer USS Centaurus

Lt. Commander Deo Marisail Executive Officer USS Centaurus


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