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Costs: Free, donations accepted.
Frequency: One per week, play at own pace
Type: Fantasy
Last-Update: 2018Sep05
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, snail, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Glofeyne is a land of tumbled castles and Oid infested vistas. After the ancient devastations of a near mythical war fought between sentient artifacts, the fractured races scratched out their survival, isolated and fearful of the secrets that were buried with the old servants of the Thrones of Death. The lands were given wholly to the fast breeders, the Awc, the Goblyn and the Jagoth. They massed their ranks and spread far across Glofeyne, swamping nearly all traces of the old races. The innocent hid away to re-emerge as frightened tribes in isolated, secret enclaves, desperate not to be discovered, their magic stunted and their cultures mere curious remnants of the past.

Hundreds of years passed since. The Thrones of Death have moved on it seems, or become dormant. The surviving enclaves grew and harnessed more knowledge of the world about them, only to find that merely three places had risen from the ashes. Siriol, whose island sanctuary was protected by the Shattered Goddess was now returned to the world. Saerad, whose peoples fought long and hard against Necromancer Vampires, finally ridding themselves through the destruction of the 'Dark heart.' And Aradac, whose devotion to the God Dac failed them at a crucial moment - having rebuilt heavily their land, once more to succumb to the hordes of evil wrought by the Molcran Necromancers from beyond the northern swamp.

What is expected of players

As a player in Glofeyne, your primary role is exploration, investigation and rebuilding from the ruins whatever you can to further your own empowerment, as well as help the other folk trying to survive with their less heroic blood. They work hard and provide much of the understrata for the heroes to succeed in their mission. We are looking for devoted, old school RPG maniacs that love detail and world-building with lots of character development. There are but 6 places in the group campaign. Players have to co-ordinate with each other to come to group actions. This has been a failing before, if you want to be in the group, you HAVE to communicate with other players. For the solo campaign spots, these are time consuming and highly detailed and the quality of your game orders has to be unrelentingly high. In all, players must consider the amount of time and effort (and skill) that goes into this game and try to MATCH it. Players will have to use the digital template provided, and not willfully splatter text in untrimmed or unformatted orders. Players will need to date their orders, support them with sketch maps and diagrams about what they want to achieve. Overall, demonstrations of clear thinking and the ability to read and comprehend game turns is essential. Having access to manuals and rules is essential. You can't play with no access to the rules.

About the game structure and vandalism

The game is moderated by a human dungeon-master (only a bit dragon, honest!) using Ad&d Core Rules 2 Expansion, essentially AD&D 2.5 - it's a free game but it requires you to set time aside for proper, coherent responses. And I really mean this. In an era where few read and most 'skim' and just look at the pictures, people are quickly found out as either liars or delusional about their levels of literacy. It might be down to platform - can anyone really write a decent novel on their tiny phone and even worse, when sitting on the porcelain throne? And when a game fills with incompetent, irreverent and impolite players it's all over for quality. Be honest. I will boot people out that don't pay attention or cause trouble. Many months I've wasted trying to iron out rivers of sloppy game orders. Inevitably, the constant barrage of sludge coming my way ENDED my games. I don't want to have to order a snow plow again to cut through the vagueness and confusion. In the past, some gamers have joined simply to TROLL and disrupt storyline by breaking character and being someone completely different. It's much easier to destroy than create. One game ran for 20 weeks when someone decided to collapse the whole storyline by acting insane and making the worst choices possible for everything. It makes me very sad to have to deal with people like that.

Glofeyne is a sprawling world with loads and loads of amazing pre-generated characters and locations. It is essentially as sandbox, where the foundation is 'do as you like', but personalities and locations, geography and monsters interact and form plot hooks. Players are not obliged to take them up, but...alas...many are time sensitive and will not be there for long. Other NPC adventurers might snap up the quests and gain the treasure and glory. So the idea is to take up achievable plot hooks and then, in between these 'instances' to undertake open play and have fun wandering about and doing things that were not specifically planned for by the DM.

NPC's and monsters are living things in Glofeyne, and there is a set calendar, with days of the week, months and hours and seasons. This is something that sets a campaign in reality and we have to use it to make sure realism rules the world and allows capacity to deduce what is feasible as an action. People in many games use figurines and dungeon tiles to map space. Here in PBM world, time is just as important, perhaps more so as time distortions can completely throw off a whole storyline.


We don't distribute any third party copyrighted information so you will need to procure your own Player's Handbook. There are house rules and many strange homebrew things going on, these are dealt with on a 'when we get there' basis.

Where things happen

The campaign is played using a Yahoo Group, a G-Drive and is recorded on a Blog:

The Yahoo group is more of a chat group where remote involvement is hacked out to finalize data that ends up logged on the group Blog:

Most exchanges 'Game Turns' and 'Orders' are stored on a G-Drive. When you get settled in, the G drive shares will be granted.

On FaceBook we have a convenient hub:

Trivia is posted on a Google+ community called "Wrecked By Fantasy" - this is for meta data. Fun stuff and articles on how to write well.

How to get started

You will begin in the *Cadet Campaign* as a SOLO player. This is set aside from the main campaign and is constrained to one area of Glofeyne. During this time your performance will be under appraisal. When you get to an operational level your character can be phased into the greater part of Glofeyne, and it is up to you and the other group players to form and maintain the group cohesion. OR, you can simply opt to stay as a solo player phased into the main world, which will require really good role-play and survival skills. *It's dangerous.* There can only be 6 players in a group because more than this, from experience, leads to breakdowns in communication and disruptions as players get more likely to want to wander off and do their own thing. How many solo players can wander Glofeyne is not known. In past games run I have dealt with 40 player characters, and this was way too much. I can create 10 good turns a day, I know that from my old game in the 90's called "Moonlight FRPBM" but collating game orders from people who are not committed to regularity was absolute nightmare stuff. The more players, the less likely things are to be smoothly processed. So my preference is for anyone entering the main game world to become part of a group, that way 6 players get one big game turn. That cuts down on the shenanigans immensely.

Step one then is to take a trip to the Yahoo Group and Facebook Group and get membership.


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