Taros Lives

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Costs: 0
Frequency: twice a week
Email: rldavis699@yahoo.com
Type: Pathfinder 3.5 Fantasy
Last-Update: 2016Jul05
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Two thousand years ago, the land was populated by often warring city-states. Peace was un-heard of. All that existed was fragile alliances, uneasy truces, and states of bloody combat. One night, when the Bloodstar, Dragonstar, and the constellation known as Goum's axe came into a peculiar alignment, the forger of the Empire, Taros-ek Shal arrived with an army almost as large as the combined armies of all the city-states combined. No one had heard of Taros-ek Shal before that night. No one knew where he had gotten an army so large.

Adrian Dos, ruler of the city state of Velgin was the first to oppose Taros-ek. Velgin was razed to the ground within a week. Every wall destroyed, every home burned to the ground, every man, woman, and child slaughtered. Some say that members of Taros' army wielded horrible, infernal magics. Others say demon and devils walked amongst the army, so even giving orders.

A handful of men were spared slaughter. They were sent to the other city states as emissaries to inform the rulers of what had happened at Velgin that night and what would happen if they opposed Taros. Ten of the city states knelt before Taros. The other four did not and they are nothing but a brief mention in the history books; a warning to those who would dare rise against Taros.

Taros took the title of emperor. He forbade the city-states to war against each other directly. This wording has led to many proxy wars, political intrigue of all levels, and banditry and piracy of all sorts. In each city state a garrison of imperial troops was left, commanded by a diplomatic emissary of the Emperor.


Taros lives is a 1st level, PBEM Pathfinder 3.5 game. Given the gritty nature of the game, I am restricting it to players 18 and up. If you are interested in finding out more about character creation guidelines, please contact me at rldavis699[@]yahoo.com


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