Bravofleet USS AJAX

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Type: star trek
Last-Update: 2016Mar27
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"Secret operations are essential in war; upon them the army relies to make its every move." - Sun Tzu

Captains Log Supplemental:

Misfits, young guns, a runabout pretending to be a real ship... After all, what can an oversized runabout with one officer and a couple of enlisted really accomplish out in space. Did we have something to prove back then? I'd been asked that time and again and the answer was always yes. We were out to prove a lot of things, to the brass and to ourselves. We'd already established a string of successful missions for ourselves before... The cargoship inspections where we came across that smuggling ring, transporting Admiral Ryan from Faltan to 6-1-1, the repair mission and subsequent evacuation of the crew of Sensor Station Epsilon 3-7-1... That was before the Gorn. Before they invaded and took over the Canterra and Cestus sectors and redefined the Federation maps, albeit temporarily.

Admiral Reyes moved us up from our overgrown runabout to a Wallace class scout ship. Our mission now isn't cargo inspections and trying to break the smuggling and black market rings. No, now we're on the frontlines of the conflict with the Gorn, even behind those lines at times operating inside the Gorn Occupied Territories. Now we sneak in, listen and look around, drop off and pick up intel assets and agents. Why are we the ones doing it? Why are we the ones taking the risks? To put it simply, we're the only ones who can. Bigger isn't always better, and in the case of our missions now, bigger can get you killed.

Computer? Save and end log,

The USS Ajax is a Wallace Class Scout operating in BravoFleet's Task Force 93 in the Beta Quadrant. Being such a small crew, a total complement of 14, the majority of our positions are enlisted. Only the CO and XO are officers. As the log says, we've got a string of missions under our belt, but with our upgrade from a refitted Arrow Class Runabout to the Wallace we've doubled our crew size and we've got bunks to fill. With the Gorn invasion and subsequent occupation of the Cestus and Canterra systems, we'll be carrying out missions both on the front lines as well as behind enemy lines in support of the Task Force's mission of removing the Gorn Occupation from Federation Space. We pride ourselves on our character development, believing that they can make the story so much better when they're growing along with the story. Our database holds detailed information including, shift and rooming assignments, the cook for the evening meal rotation, as well as a small list of chores to do daily to help everyone keep our home well maintained. We even offer a nightly activity schedule since so much of our writing can be done off duty just as easily as it can be on duty.

Our current openings look like this:

Executive Officer (LTjg or Staff Warrant Officer) Helmsman (Crewman Recruit - Crewman)

Damage Control Specialist (Petty Officer 3) Matter/Energy Systems Specialist (Crewman Recruit - Crewman)

Propulsion Specialist (Crewman Recruit - Crewman) Security Specialist (Petty Officer 3)

Security Crewman (Crewman Recruit - Crewman)

Interested persons may apply here:

Lt. Cmdr. Tyler Fallon Commanding Officer USS Ajax Bravofleet TF 93


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