Alpha Quadrant Simulation Group

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Costs: Free
Frequency: twice per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek PbEM
Last-Update: 2015May27
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, rpg


The Alpha Quadrant Sim Group (hereafter referred to as A.Q.S.G.) Role Playing Sim group is a group of individual Star Trek Play by Email (PBeM) sims all falling under the command of the A.Q.S.G. Fleet flag. There are numerous sims available to include, but not limited to, Starfleet, Starfleet Marines, Klingon, Maquis, Romulan, etc. Additionally there are many styles to fulfill your simming desire from individual ship/starbase sims to multiple ship/starbase sims all sharing a common storyline. A.Q.S.G. is currently running active sims in various divisions. We are at this time accepting applications from both ships and players. If you enjoy writing, and are interested in experiencing the excitement and adventure of Star Trek, then feel free to fill out an application. On average the applications are reviewed and responded to within 24 hours.

EXPERIENCED PLAYERS: Our experienced players are added to the ship of their choice immediately after sufficient verification of past simming experience is given. If you have simmed in any other fleet simply tell us what position(s) you held, a bit of your simming background and we shall place you in the sim we feel that may best suit your style or you can pick your own ship/starbase. There is no guarantee given or implied that you will start at your rank held previously but every accommodation will be made to try and get you close to it.

NEW PLAYERS: Our new players enter the A.Q.S.G. Academy. They learn the basics of simming under the mentorship of experienced players. The Academy takes place aboard our Training Vessel, the U.S.S. San Francisco; NCC-17542-B. It is an `Active Sim Training Environment', so cadets can get a taste of the sim experience before graduating to the A.Q.S.G. ship of their choice.

After a player has successfully reached the Lieutenant Commander rank (or equivalent) or higher they are automatically entered into the A.Q.S.G. Command Training Academy, where they are trained to handle command level functions to include Game Mastering, disciplinary issues, planning, rules for promotions, etc. The Academy takes place aboard our training vessel, the U.S.S. Manhattan; NCC-1703-E. As with the Basic Academy, is an `Active Sim Training Environment' where the player will be responsible to take command under the leadership of the best A.Q.S.G. simmers and must deal with numerous scenarios and disciplinary issues.

NO new incoming player is authorized to hold a command (except those worked into an individual story as a temporary command position) until they have completed the C.T.A.


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