Endless Gravestones - The Claymore RPG

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Frequency: varies
Email: theincredibleLuka@yahoo.de
URL: http://z3.invisionfree.com/Endless_Gravestones/index.php?act=idx [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy RPG
Last-Update: 2015May23
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, historical, rpg


Enter a dark, medieval world in which men has long since lost its place atop the food chain as merciless predators who hide among the populace prey on everyone unfortunate enough to cross their path. Only the so-called "Claymores", hybrids between these monsters and humans are capable of detecting said beasts and only they possess the power to face them. Being forced to discard their humanity the are granted terrifying powers by their creators, an omnious group of men who preferably dress as black and to common people and Claymores alike is only as the organisation. These powers, however, come at a terrible price. Slowly but steadily the monster within will become stronger, always on the edge of overwhelming the human mind of the hybrid, threatened to lose themselves in the wave of pleasure and painful ectsasy that threatens to overcome them. Join their ranks to defend humanity against the onslaught of the yoma, whose actions are only dictated by their insatiable hunger for human flesh, or completely abandon the last vestiges of humanity and awaken, unleashing the true potential sealed within you. Or perhaps you desire a third way, desperately trying to cling to your past, while no longer willing to endure the yoke of the organisation, whose missions and actions tend to raise more questions and riddles than the ever answer.

Explore an world that while based on the successful, famous manga, has long since eclipsed its namesake in both depth and complexity as numerous factions and interesting characters battle for the dominion over the continent. Create your character with a self-made system that while looking difficult on the outside actually comes with a simply tool that does most of the work for you. In terms of skills and abilities, pretty much everything is allowed for as long as you are able to explain within the boundaries of our world.

Even if you are not interested in the Claymore manga or anime itself, but are looking for dedicated players and gms and a tight-knit community that is tough as a nail when it comes to persevere through the long summer periods, this might just be the place you have been searching for. Come and pay us a visit. It might be worth your time.


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