Robotech: Dawn of Macross

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Variable
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Type: Robotech, Space Opera, Sci-Fi
Last-Update: 2015Apr25
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Robotech - Dawn of Macross

Robotech - Dawn of Macross - is a Robotech Role-Playing Game set prior to the 1st Robotech War.

Players will play as characters who are part of the United Earth Defense Force (UEDF) prior to the launch ceremony of the SDF-1.

The Story and Timeline will defer from the original Robotech Timeline and series of events, though the general theme will remain the same.

Players can play a variety of roles within the UEDF - Destroit Pilot, Military Specialist, Technical Officer, Enlisted Crewman/Soldier or the vaunted Veritech Pilot.

Character Generation involves the Selection of a Occupational Character Class (OCC), a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and then a GM created aspect known as Life Events - which add some additional background for the character in the form of good or bad life events that effected the character prior to the start of the Roleplaying game - these can lead to the addition of several advantages and disadvantages to the character.

The Game Mechanics are based on a hybrid Palladium-based system involving the original Robotech RPG the 2nd Edition Robotech-Shadow Chronicles RPG as well as other Palladium projects and some personal modifications by the GM.

Character Generation Rules -

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