USS Antares

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Burning a bright red in the sky as a part of the Scorpius constellation, the star Antares has long been a beacon for exploration of space. Now, a ship bearing the same name is its own kind of the beacon.

The USS Antares, a Galaxy-class starship attached to Obsidian Fleet, is venturing forth into the ink black of space. Her five year mission is to explore the unknown regions, encounter new species and places, and to uncover the mysteries of the dark. She patrols the Alpha and Beta quadrants with a rag tag crew of some of the Federation's best and brightest.

They'll probably blow some things up to.

... who doesn't like a good explosion?

The Antares is a storyteller's ship. We love people to write fun characters well, and play with their team mates. The more our crew help us to tell the story the more fun the story is to tell. Join today and tell your story!


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