Camp Kovar

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The current year is 2388, Camp Kovar, SFMC Kovar FOB-93 serves as a Marine Base for the 4th Fleet's Task Force 93 in the Raeya sector. Camp Kovar is located near the city of New Elmbridge. This city is the second settlement and like its sister city of New Hampton bay.

As a Marine Base, Camp Kovar is responsible for basic security and defense within the Kovar System as well as the inhabitance of Kovar III (aka Kovar Colony, Kovar Prime). Camp Kovar is also equipted to handle medical assistance as well as diplomatic functions. Along with Camp Kovar, the 93rd Marine Air Group codenamed "The Black Knights" which is located at Falrock Canyon on the north side of the planet has teamed up with the Marine Base for extra support.

Kovar III is a Federation colony in the Kovar system. The colony was established in 2378 on the third planet that orbited a Type G star named Kovar. The planet is Class O planet, more then 80% is made up of water. Kovar has two natural satellites - Telus and Telos. The planet is roughly equal to size to Earth in the Sol system and has a rotation period of 28 Earth hours per day. One Kovar year is equal to 378 Earth days. Kovar is led by Governor Sean Thompson, a former Starfleet officer who had served on Kovar since its founding.

Kovar is a thriving colony with settlements all across the planet. Its capital city, New Hampton, is where the governing body resides and where a majority of the colony's trade occurs. Kovar was always vital to the defence and support of Starfleet assets. All of the planets inhabitants are Federation citizens with most of them being humanoid. The world is governed by a colonial democracy with a congress leading the legislature branch of the government and the governor heading up the executive branch of the government.

Key positions that still need to be filled, if your looking for a good sim, with a lot to create, please come check us out.

Chief Diplomatic Officer Battalion CO-Chief of Security Chief Engineering Officer Chief Counselor Bravo Company CO 191st Combat Support Squadron "Shadow Hawks"-Squadron Leader 192nd Ordnancy Deployment Squadron "Screaming Eagles"-Squadron Leader 193rd Maintenance & Support Squadron-Squadron Leader

Also all Assistant Chief Positions are open as well as junior and enlisted positions are available. Also if you don't really want anything or don't see a particular position on the Manifest please feel free to email me at kleah [at] kovar [dot] bravofleet [dot] com and I am sure we can work something out.

Come check us out at hope to see you there soon!


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