Before Atlantis

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Costs: donations
Frequency: weekly
Email: [ok]
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Type: fantasy wargame
Last-Update: 2015Mar20
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, mixed, fantasy, wargame, economic, rpg


It is the dawn of the First Age of Mankind, and the vast ice sheets are retreating. Emerging from caves and adopting agriculture amid the fertile plains, humans are building the first civilizations, establishing kings and priesthoods, inventing cities, tools...and weapons.

For there are many dangers slavering to feed upon the young kingdoms. Savage troglodyte Neanderthals swarm in the newly vacated caves, looking enviously upon their civilized neighbors. Hungry dire wolves, fierce saber-toothed tigers and ponderous mammoths roam the earth alongside fantastic reptilian creatures not yet extinct. Someday the terrible lizards will have vanished, leaving nothing behind but fossils and legends of dragons. But today they're looking for a meal...maybe you.

And worse things lurk in the next valley: rival civilizations. The victor in this struggle will determine the history of the next ten thousand years. Who will triumph?

The Aryan "elves" with their golden hair and aquamarine eyes who consider themselves as far above their Cro-Magnon rivals as those are above the bestial troglodytes?

The newly minted kings and god-emperors commanding teaming masses of peasantry?

The scheming high priests of exotic gods of life and peace and love? Or those of death, corruption and chaos? Will the meek inherit the Earth? Or just the soil filling their graves?

But society is made up of more than just the upper classes. Rogues, mercenaries, peddlers, pirates, swindlers, and occultists, the dregs of polite society also lust for power. Of such are forged mighty empires, for does not scum usually rise to the top of fetid pools?

Do YOU have what it takes to make history? Experience life as it was Before Atlantis!

Before Atlantis is a play-by-e-mail role-playing game with weekly turns where players take a position as an emperor, king, merchant prince, tribal chieftain, high priest, cult leader, ranger, mercenary or pirate captain, magic-user or other member of ancient society at a time before recorded history. Players compete to achieve power, influence and control over the pre-historic world.

Beginning with primitive Bronze Age technology YOU can develop new inventions, now lost in the mists of history when the oceans drank Atlantis.

There is no disadvantage to joining the game in progress, just contact the Game Master with what position you'd like to play and he'll get you a player packet. Just examine the map. Want to be King of Aryia? Chieftain of the Neander Troglodytes? The Witch King? The Merchant Prince of Venice? High Priest of Stygia? Lord of Crapistan? Master of the Rangers? Secret head of the illuminati cult? The Dread Pirate Roberts? Just tell the GM and he'll run up a player packet for you.

Fill out your orders and return it to the Game Master (GM) by the weekly turn deadline and you can read of your exploits in the newsletter and discuss it on the newsgroup.


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