Fallout:Ghoul Britannia

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Costs: free to play
Frequency: at least once a week to stay in
Email: andrewfernie@outlook.com
URL: http://www.ongoingworlds.com/games/1605 [ dead link ]
Type: post-apocalyptic collaborative play-by-post
Last-Update: 2015Mar18
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, space, abstract


"Deep under the limestone they waited, while the Yanks and the Chinese threw multi-megaton firecrackers at each other, before we all joined in like it was some kind of bloody game. Deep under the stone, they lived in that funny little MoD city, with the men from the Beeb broadcasting light entertainment and radiation intensity forecasts to a dead world, the military men polishing their boots, cleaning their rifles and waiting for orders that would never come.

The years passed and memories faded. They bred, they survived, they maintained rituals and completed tasks long after the meaning or the purpose had been forgotten. As the radiation became survivable and the climate more forgiving, they ventured out into the quarry and into the blasted countryside beyond; at first they simply sought food and supplies, later they tried to make contact with other MoD facilities, with any kind of government. They found none.

They were our forebears and we still search from time to time, we still broadcast, still scavenge and trade, and still maintain the routine. All from our home, which is as safe as can be imagined in the world we've seen outside, and the things that roam in it.

Welcome to TURNSTILE."

This is Fallout:Ghoul Britannia a play-by-post collaborative writing game set in the Fallout universe that speculates on the fate of the UK after the Great War. The tone aims to be similar to the games (darkly humorous apocalyptica) with a suitably British tone, and technology and cultural references reflect that. The game is for mature/adult players given the themes of the Fallout universe, and centres around a small community of survivors descended from the personnel stationed at TURNSTILE, the underground city built beneath the Wiltshire countryside during the Cold War in our reality.


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