USS Healy

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The USS Healy is a writing organization or forum based role playing game open to all of those aged thirteen years or older. Our group strives to be a highly motivated group of writers working on our Star Trek based fiction with our own little flair. All members are expected to follow the rules and expectations of the community and it's parent organization, Bravo Fleet.

It should be noted for all prospective members that the Healy will follow a somewhat more militarized setup than what you have seen on screen.

In character:

The USS Healy (NCC-81020) an Insignia Class vessel under the command of Captain Benjamin Bahe. The Healy assigned to Fourth Fleet's Task Force 72 is assigned to operate within the Inconnu Expanse particularly within the Inconnu Corridor to gather intelligence and secure it against an unfriendly group known as the `Ravagers'.

Planned first mission:

The Inconnu Expanse might be home to several species, but the Ferengi have always had an interest in the region, with their bargaining prices and attempts to acquire what they need for the best price. However, of late, a small splinter group has been raiding smaller outposts with complete disregard for the law, claiming that there is no law in the Inconnu Expanse, and also mumbling something about several rules of acquisition. Starfleet is worried that this group could destabilise the region, and with Task Force 72 now in the region and their quest for exploration throughout the expanse, it has become paramount that this group is stopped at all cost, and they can think of no ship capable of this task than the USS Healy.

Vice Admiral Bradley J. Harrison assigns the Healy] and her crew the mission with the instructions to stop this group at any cost. They were last seen on the small M-class planet of Herota III, a planet much like Earth in the 1990's. Starfleet also are to believe that this may be the base of operations for them as it lies very close to the border with the Ferengi and the Taxhal. The orders are given and the crew is sent out, but told that they must avoid the region near the entrance, which is where the Ravagers lie, and they may kill the crew if they step foot in their space.


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