USS Renown

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Once per Week min
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek
Last-Update: 2015Mar13
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


The crew of the Akira-class U.S.S. Renown has been assigned to the Beta Quadrant, a year after the Hobus star went hypernova, resulting in a shockwave that obliterated the Romulan capital system and its planets Romulus and Remus.

After Starfleet supported the Romulan Empire (and was given unprecedented access to Romulan space) a Treaty of Nelvana was signed on 1st April 2388, which re-establishes a 3 LightYear Neutral Zone and grants the Federation a five LightYear wide region of space along the southern Romulan border, known as the Raeyan Transit Corridor.

Following the departure from Romulan space, Starfleet reinstated a Re-Exploration Initiative in the Beta Quadrant and Starfleet Command re-tasks the U.S.S. Renown to explore and secure interests within the 'Raeyan Sector' which borders the Klingon Empire, Romulan Empire, Kraz Republic and the C'Hakilian Empire.

U.S.S. Renown is proudly part of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 93 (S.E.A.R.C.H.), a fictional role-playing simulation in the Star Trek universe, allowing you the opportunity to create your own character, and write new adventures together as we explore the final frontier.

Our aim is to ensure this becomes one of the most exciting simulations to ever take place in the Star Trek universe. If you're willing to make a difference, to "Boldly go where no one has gone before", then we are for you. Together we make the start on that amazing journey...


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