ACW Western Theater 1864

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Costs: free
Frequency: 1 per week
Type: wargame
Last-Update: 2015Feb07
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, human, mixed, historical, wargame


ACW Western Theater 1864 is a partly operational/partly tactical game centered on the Western Theater of the American Civil War (i.e., the area generally between the Appalachian Mtns and the Mississippi River).

Each player controls an autonomous military department, with associated land and naval forces, strategic points (cities), and industrial production values.

The game begins in the late winter of 1863-1864 and continues to the first week of November, 1864. The team that has accrued the most points by that date, wins. Currently the game date is in mid-April, 1864,

Points are accrued largely by winning battles, especially land battles, and/or capturing strategic points (cities). Players are expected to manage their land and naval forces, guard their strategic points (cities) while seizing those of the enemy, and defeat the enemy's forces. Players may personally direct smaller battles involving their forces, or they may leave these up to their subordinates; in battles involving most of their forces, they may be required to direct them.

To build up and sustain their forces, players may use their industrial production to build units/items such as additional land forces (infantry/artillery/cavalry), additional naval forces, pontoon bridges, railroad materials, etc. Production orders will generally be required quarterly (every three months of game time).

There will be one (1) turn every week, comprising two (2) or more weeks of game time. Players will generally have 72 hours to submit their orders. When conducting tactical battles, they will generally have 24 hours to submit their orders.

Players are encouraged to coordinate with their team mates in order to secure victory, but this is not required.

Currently, there is a need for two (2) Confederate players. If interested, please contact the GM at


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