Nova Lux

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Costs: No cost
Frequency: Whenever You Feel! No turns!
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Sci-Fi
Last-Update: 2014Dec12
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, space, rpg, abstract


In 2115, the galaxy's mining companies are on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in the business. While most of the companies focus on their people as well as profit, some forget about the people and worry on profit, the worst being the Nero Mining Company. People working and living under the NMC live in conditions such as poverty, sickness, and the overwhelming security forces in the colonies that feel more like dictatorships. The NMC has been focusing some of their attention on a planet called Sagan Prime where rising tensions against the company are leading to Protests and strikes. But what worries them the most is the rise of a revolutionary group know as Nova Lux. Join the NMC and quell the tensions to prevent a full scale revolution, or join the Nova Lux and bring the NMC to their knees and the new light to your people. This game will show the personal and business side of the Revolution.


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