First Quest

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Costs: Free
Frequency: TBA
Type: Based around Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition
Last-Update: 2014Oct29
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg



This is an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons second edition rules light game. Designed for novices to D&D or those who have always wanted to play, but have never had the opportunity to.


This game is taken straight from the 1994 First Quest and Mystara supplements and modules. It is set in a fantasy setting complete with magic, evil monsters, fantastic creatures, and all that fun stuff.

I'm looking for some players who wish to partake in a strictly play by email game. This is designed to be a campaign (an ongoing game) and I've enough material for it to run for a while.


You'll be starting as a 1st level character and will work your way up in the world.

If accepted into the game, all stats and starting equipment will be provided. You'll still be responsible for working up a back-story and personality for your character.

All rolls - done by me.


I will be collecting applications until November 1st, at which point and time three to four players will be chosen to play based on a variety of factors. Players will not be notified until November 1st. If you hear from me on the 1st, you're in. If you don't, you're not.

Interested? Good!

Send me an email telling me five things:

1. A little about the real you. Your age, first name, gender, etc.

2. Your past rpg or writing experience.

3. How often do you think you can muster up a post or respond to the game? Are you a once a week sort of person, or do you pretty much have no life and can check and respond to your email 5+ times a day?

4. Fighter, Cleric, Thief, or Wizard? Which would you rather play and why?

5. A writing sample in response to the following scenario:

One evening, as the moon rises, you find yourself on an important quest for the King which requires being somewhere asap.

As you briskly make your way to the required location, you accidentally stumble upon an old woman, hunched over, having trouble breathing. She is trying to scold a young child around the age of 8.

As she lectures, the child obviously isn't in the mood to listen. She darts off away from the old woman, heading down an alley that most people in town knows is not the safest place to be during the day, let alone night.

Exasperated and worried, the old women sees you and begs "Please help me! I'm far to old to be having to care for little Sarah on my own. Curse her mother for putting me in this position! Please, I just want us to get home safely tonight. I fear something will happen to Sarah and I won't make it to her in time. Could you fetch her from the alley for me and then escort us home? You seem like someone she would listen to."

You realize if you help you may not make it to your appointment on time, but if you don't, the child could get themselves hurt, if not killed. What to do.... what to do..


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