Ban of the Highlands: Carve Your Path Through War and Intrigue!

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In the age before the Imperium's collapse, the Mag Fiall Highlands were claimed as an imperial province of the Castorian Imperium. Shorn of its provinces, the imperial city occupied by barbarians, the Imperium is now but a shadow of its former power and glory.

The clans of the Highlands stand in tenuous relation to the vestiges of the Imperium. No longer an official province, they are ruled over by a coalition of native Fiallan clansmen and politicians of Castorian descent. The ostensible leader and spokesman of this fragile order: the Ban.

But rumors sift through clans like mist rolling about the shadowed barrows and standing stones: some wish to sever all ties to the floundering hulk of Castor's demise, while tales spread that in the remaining Imperial cities to the south, the Senate speaks of once again formally annexing the Highlands as an Imperial province. Word has arrived that for the first time in living memory, a Castorian Praetor is making a diplomatic mission to the Ban. The purpose of this mission is unknown.

But another rumor has begun to take form: that somewhere, out among the rolling hills and crags, someone has claimed the title of caithill ban, Lord of the Clans, a title which has not been claimed with success for more than five hundred years.

The old men tell it, they hear the pipes of war trilling on the wind.

"Ban of Highlands" is a play-by-post game using Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and Monte Cook's Iron Heroes, an alternate system for D&D 3.5. The campaign is set in Cardigasia, a homebrew world inspired by the decades surrounding Rome's decline and eventual collapse. While an original fantasy setting, it is inspired heavily by historical cultures and events.

The game will focus on politics, intrigue, the clash of cultures, and brewing war and rebellion in the Celtic-inspired province of the Mag Fiall Highlands. My purpose here is to create an in-depth story, where characters can become intimately embroiled in in the plots of the game.

The game will be hosted on a play-by-post site with in-game dice roller, character sheet storage, and avatar gallery. If you are looking for more information or would like to join, please e-mail me at


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