USS Cascadia

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The USS Voyager NCC-74656 returned home from her seven year exodus in the Delta Quadrant in 2378. Two years later in 2380, Starfleet Command launched an oversight committee with members from scientific and engineering communities to compile a special white paper report on the technologies Voyager returned with. This report was finally published in 2383 with unpromising results.

In the following year, 2384, Starfleet Command tasked the Daystrom Institute and the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards as partners in the Ronin-class Starship Development Project. The first Ronin-class starship to be completed was the USS Ronin NCC-81078 in early 2387.

In late 2387, the second ship of the Ronin-class line, the USS Cascadia NCC-81080 was narrowing its completion. The Daystrom Institute's leading propulsion systems specialist Stanley Kosinski requested that the Cascadia be chosen to receive an experimental quantum slipstream core and drive system. Starfleet Command opted out of the experimental drive system for the warp. The Daystrom Institute and Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards complied to Starfleet Command's request. In 2390 the Cascadia was launched under the command of newly minted Captain Quinn Cillian Boyle.

Upon further protests of Stanley Kosinski, Starfleet Command allowed him to make the necessary retrofit to the Cascadia to install the quantum slipstream drive. However, Starfleet Command ordered that a warp drive must remain to run independently in case of technical failure. Kosinski agreed.

Our voyage begins during the experimental test flight... are you ready for the unknown?


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