A Ballad of Westeros

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Costs: Free
Email: warpcorebreach02@gmail.com
Frequency: 2 Posts Per Character A Month
URL: http://fallfromgrace.shatteredrealities.net/A_Ballad_of_Westeros/index.php/main/index [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy
Last-Update: 2014Aug12
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Simm Backdrop: In the year 600AC, magic has reached it's full strength with the rebirth of dragons. The warlocks have perfected their illusions. Wargs have become more prominent in the blood of the First Men, Red Priests have reached a new height in popularity....

The known world has thrived in this renewed birth of magic. Westeros however, is a struggling realm, with a king trying desperately to hold the seven kingdoms together. With a well-predicted harsh winter coming, and the Targaryen Dragon Lord's self-imposed exile in Essos, Westeros may just end up fending for itself.

That is, unless any of the heroes of Westeros can prevent it....

OOC Information: This is a newly-opened game that invites mature fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones to join the role-playing ranks of various houses seen in the books and show. Play in a major or minor noble house or make up a minor house. Play a simple innkeeper or a sellsword... The sky is the limit on what your character(s) can be.

However, one goal is certain... The Iron Throne will fall to someone and your character(s) will have a part to play in that. Who takes the Iron Throne is all based on a Player-Designed Co-Operative Format. So teamwork is a must, in order to sit on the Iron Throne!

How To Play: It is very simple. Make sure you are 18 OR OLDER to play. Fill out the join form for a position you want. Then wait for The Small Council to mull over it. Once you are approved (should take no more than 3 days), contact players in the OOC system called "Private Message".

This is a text-based format, so start a Join-Post and jump in. Read the Time-line to fine-tune your character bio, or understand our merit/rank system that will reward players with new character roles (warlock, warg) or rare items to use (Vylarian steel weapons).

In the end, this an infused PBeM/PPB game that gives what you as the player, put into it.


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