Praetorian Training Academy

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Costs: 0
Frequency: Twice per week
Type: Superhero
Last-Update: 2014Jul05
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Praetorian Training Academy:

Summary: PTA is a freeform game in an original universe. The rating is R (Mature themes are quite likely but anything else is off-camera if it exists at all.) PCs are young, overpowered superheroes with a propensity for property damage. They have been recruited by the PTA to help them control their powers and to pay off their debts. Posts should be neat and grammatical and occur about twice a week.

Details: While superheroes have a long history (even prehistory), it's obvious that the number of super powered beings is increasing... and starting at increasingly younger ages. And with great power comes great potential for property damage. This is where the Praetorian Group comes in.

They help pay off the damages caused by underaged supers along with the agreement that they would train the youngsters in using their powers and employing them gainfully in the meantime (until they've helped pay the PG back for the damages and instruction.) While the US Constitution doesn't allow for anyone to be forced to keep a contract, the full liability for the damages caused will come down on the young super so most work off their debt with the very generous wages that the Group provides.

Child welfare watchdog groups are cautious about the use of minors for dangerous work but even they recognize that these particular children were a danger to themselves and others. This is a better choice than having the consequences fall on their (usually) innocent parents or some random bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time. Examples of gangs populated by teens is a grim reminder of what might happen without guidance.

The standard contract covers 300% of the damages caused. The kids receive a small stipend plus room, board, schooling, training, medical and access to some kick-ass entertainment facilities. The time spent on 'standby' for emergencies or while waiting for jobs covers the interest of the investment for repairing the damage before they were recruited.

The teens are usually grouped into teams to practice and train together. Typically team or a subset is assigned to a mission but in extreme cases, multiple teams might be sent. For convenience, each team has identifiers. The newest team (yours) is Legio Ferrata (color red, team logo the Wolf). It's the sixth team formed by the Praetorian Group.

To date, the PG has had a good track record of rehabilitation (when needed) and guiding its members on to productive careers as either freelance supers or having them continue to work for the Group after reaching adulthood. The few failures have been investigated and regarded, in retrospect, as poor choices by the individuals in question.

ALL PCs start with a dollar damage amount they caused before coming to the PTA. Please keep the amount of damage between 1 and 20 million dollars (this may get adjusted by the GM, heh heh). There should be no (known) deaths involved in the incident(s) that led the character to the PTA. The characters should all be heroes or potential heroes. No sociopaths, please!


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