Harper's Haven

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Costs: free
Frequency: 2-3 weekly
Email: irishrovermurphy@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.playbyweb.com/generic1.php?_b=16731 [ dead link ]
Type: Soap Opera
Last-Update: 2014Jun19
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg, abstract


Rating: PG-13

Harper's Haven, in Maine, is a tiny coastal town, which survives on the tourism dollar of its seasonal guests. During the summer, the population nearly triples, with many wealthy Philadelphians and New Yorkers coming up to stay in their summer homes. It, as a town, is well over two hundred years old and many of the buildings are almost as old as that. It is wedged between Mt. Juniper and the bay shore, offering many beautiful natural settings to be enjoyed.

Besides tourism dollars, there is a small fishing fleet which goes out into the bay. There is also the Walden Canning Concern, a large canning company.

The infamous Walden family has been the leading family in the community, for over two hundred years. Going back Sir Thomas Walden, there have always been Waldens at Walden Grove. Walden Grove is a small, wooded estate set on the bluffs, overlooking the bay. There is a two hundred year old manor house, fashioned from imported yellow limestone. It is said that Sir Thomas's ghost still haunts the mansion, looking for revenge for his bloody murder. In fact, more than one Walden has met a bloody end. There is a history of deformity and insanity which has dogged this famous family.

This is a soap opera game, with mild touches of the supernatural to it. (I.E. You might spot a ghost or actually contact a dead relative with a seance.) This means no vampires or werewolves need apply. The writing, and the acting, will be over the top. We are looking for romance, racy material and revenge. There will be tidal waves, betrayals, affairs, kidnappings and evil twins. You can play a Walden, a tourist or a long term resident.

The game is set in 1985. It is July 3rd, on a Wednesday. In town, Back To The Future is having its premiere at the local theater. There is a big July 4th celebration planned, for tomorrow. Ronald Reagan has just started his second term as the U.S. president, with George H. W. Bush serving as his vice president. We Are the World is still in the public consciousness. In South Africa, Nelson Mandela is still in prison. The Berlin wall is still four years away from falling. The Irish Republican Army is still waging a war against the British. Four months ago Amadeus won best picture at the Academy Awards. Brian Adam's Heaven has replaced Tears For Fear's Everybody Wants To Rule The World as the number one song in on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. New Coke has failed and classic Coke is back. Studio Ghibli is just getting off the ground in Japan. Hair is big and clothing is colorful.


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