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Costs: Free
Frequency: Daily
Type: Pathfinder
Last-Update: 2014Jun15
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Rum is set on one of the smaller islands near the "Big Island" on the Southern Yrthian Island Chain, the area is mostly unexplored. The city of Rum is rapidly building to be the gateway to the West. And there are many interests in Rum and many mysteries in the neighboring islands and waters.

Rum is just one of the many games on the Woldian website. The Wold is a Pathfinder Core Rules campaign world. Currently we offer some 10 ongoing campaigns in various corners of the Wold Campaign Setting. All DMs, programmers, staffers, and players are volunteers. Basically, we're an online gaming club of about 70 great folk from every continent and walk of life.

The campaign originated in 1985 and was authored by Jerry Phelps for his local D&D game in Wichita Falls, Texas. That game is still going strong and the local group gathers weekly to play and socialize. The Wold campaign setting went online in 1996. Our first location was located on free AOL pages and was very primitive. We adapted a little "guestbook" program, changing it into message boards. Later, we graduated to java-programmed message boards, thanks to one of our players who is a computer programmer.

If you want to learn more or join the Wold, email our fearsome leader at


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