War of Wizards

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Costs: Varied ($10 for game via Crowdfunding)
Frequency: Varied (weekly)
Email: Harry@warofwizards.com
URL: http://warofwizards.com
Type: Strategy Fantasy Turn Based Game
Last-Update: 2014Jun04
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, www, computer, fantasy, wargame, gui, economic


War of Wizards is a fantasy, turn based strategy game involving wizards raising armies, managing resources and researching magic.

War of Wizards - The New Beginning War of Wizards is an fantasy strategy game involving wizards raising armies, managing resources and researching magic. As a player you can: send heroes exploring towers, caves & graveyards, build armies and send them out to conquer your enemies, research the magic arts in areas ranging from Necromancy to Druidic, construct towns, defences & buildings such as Sages Guilds, Taverns, Ship Yards and Beast Pits, feed peasants generously or enslave them. Basically you can do as you wish.

The only restriction is surviving the onslaught of other wizards with similar megalomaniacal intentions. Diplomacy is the key, conversing with other wizards to trade resources, forge alliances and backstab others.

- 16 different races to play - Over 300 unit types to recruit, summon or hire - Over 20 hero types - 10 branches of magic to research giving access to 65 spells - 43 building types - Hundreds of wandering monsters to fight and special places to explore

War of Wizards was one of the most in depth Play-By-EMail games ever created with a fantastic community of loyal players. Technology has progressed a lot since the game was originally created and while some players still enjoy reading through text turn reports and typing out orders, there is definitely an easier way. With your help the new one will look much cooler! War of Wizards - The New Beginning will retain the classic game play and rich interactive environment with other players but with a modern set of controls. Turn reports will be displayed graphically and will be displayed directly on the map in front of you. Pozible funding (we almost launched a Kickstarter campaign but are excited to be engaging with an Australian Crowd funding site instead) will be used to extend the WoW Games team to implement an online version of the game with Graphical User Interface and a mobile app to allow game play on the move.

To join our Pozible campaign visit pozi.be/warofwizards

The App version will allow turn reports to be viewed, orders formulated and diplomacy with other players. The game maps will have 4 - 100 players and turns will be run as frequently as players desire. Solo games will also be available for continuous play against AI and wandering monsters.

Original WoW banner

History of War of Wizards 1995 - WoW 1.0 Play-By-Email game created by David Harris and Chris Horn whilst living on campus at University of Melbourne 1996 - WoW 2.0 follows with expanded features 1997 - WoW Games becomes a registered business and commercial games launched 1999 - Over 17,000 signups and hundreds of commerical players 2000's - Graphic User Interface started but game gradually fades 2009 - WoW 3.0 team of old playtesters and contributors reunite. New site launched and old code updated. Web based interactive features developed 2014 - Time to "turbo charge" this thing by raising funding to develop app and ensure the world can enjoy a modern version of the game a small community of fans have loved for nearly two decades. War of Wizards - The New Beginning will soon be ready to launch with your help!

Thanks in advance for your support!

Harry & Chris (WoW Games) http://www.facebook.com/#!/warofwizards http://www.warofwizards.com/


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