The Crown of Korul

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Frequency: 2/week
Type: D&D 3.5 PBEM
Last-Update: 2014Mar12
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


The Korulean empire has now waged war on its neighbors for more than a hundred years in its insatiable appetite for blue-iron. In this time, the once proud free-men of the Steppes have dwindled to a paltry union of but three tribes, the Ruhan, the Gol and the the people of Etria. The dwarves of Ekelon and Sizm have suffered a schism that now threatens to break the northern elven nations apart, while the giant-men of Roak to the south wage their eternal war against the magically clad legions of Korul. Indeed, the Korulean peninsula seems to have undergone a complete reversal. Where there once were armies of hobgoblins, orcs and trolls that dominated the western Baylan mountain range and harassed the the men of Korul, there now remain only a scattering of the dark races, who have sided with the fairer races to defeat the power that is the Citadel of Korul. The earth lies shattered, its bones of blue-iron and elder ebon piercing the once verdant lands of the golden belt. The forests of the Wildermen in Karstan have been decimated and the ships of Barstadt now do not stray further than the reefs, for ancient powers have awoken to challenge the dominance of Korul. Now, in the first age of Koruleas, the maniacal empire is perhaps in its adolescence, or, hopefully for many, in its death throes...

The Crown of Korul is a new 3.5 Ed Dungeons and Dragons PBEM game. The world is home-brewed and players will be notified about what "they know" about Koruleas. DM posts will be a minimum of 2 per week. I am currently seeking 2 - 3 players to join. The game will contain a fair amount of hack and slash, but good role-playing (character immersion, being true to you alignment, etc) will be much appreciated.

Player Rules:

Please submit your characters with the following:

-3.5 ed players handbook classes (regular and/or prestige) -level 3 (3000 exp) dual-class permitted -All ability scores start at 10, then assign 25 extra points as you see fit -No magical weapons. No masterwork weapons -500 gp to spend on items -Provide total encumberance -Give a brief physical and mental description of your character. -Provide a brief history to your character (Because this is homebrew, you have leeway in inventing some background. However, please keep your history brief and local, meaning try to expand only on your characters upbringing and life before the campaign in a local context rather than continental. Create your characters background, but not that of the world.)

Looking forward to playing in Koruleas!


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